Atarax 25 mg Tablets
Atarax 25 mg Tablets
(4.5 Reating)

Atarax 25 mg Tablets


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Brand Name     : Atarax
Generic Name  : Hydroxyzine HCl
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Atarax 25 mg

Introduction to the drug

Irritating skin or skin allergies can be caused due to several factors. Skin allergies happen when the human body reacts to something that enters the body. These factors are usually not very harmful to the human body. This is termed an allergic reaction. They appear in the form of rashes, swelling of skin, or itching. Whatever the reaction of the skin, Atarax 25 mg is one of the best drugs for it.

What causes allergies?

The food that you eat, the medicine that you use, and the climatic conditions where you live can be a cause of skin allergies. The appearance and location of skin allergies can never be predicted. They can appear anywhere on the skin, like anywhere across the body. You will have to get in touch with your physician or dermatologist if you face any Allergic Reaction or Irritation on the skin.

Atarax most prescribed medicine

This drug is mostly prescribed for conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, or Eczema. Along with skin allergies, this drug will also be used for treating anxiety. Usually, many people are given this drug after surgeries or before surgery to keep them relaxed. 

Generic name for Atarax

 The generic name for Atarax is Hydroxyzine

Atarax manufacturer

 The manufacturer of Atarax is Dr. Reddy’s laboratory.

 Uses of Atarax

  • Allergies
  • Contact Dermatitis
  • Pruritis
  • Anxiety
  • Preoperative sedation

Working Mechanism

Atarax 25 mg contains 25 mg of Hydroxyzine HCL. That ingredient plays a major role in treating both allergic skin reactions and anxiety as well. When it works on Skin allergies, it acts as an antihistaminic medication. Histamine, which is a chemical messenger in the human body will be blocked with the use of the drug. When this messenger is blocked, you will be able to get relief from swelling, rashes, and itching caused by skin allergens. If the same drug is being used for treating anxiety, it works on the central nervous system. The activities of the brain are restricted by the use of this drug and that helps in giving a soothing effect. That relaxes the body and brain, so you will be able to fall asleep. 


The dosage of Atarax 25 mg should be understood by your doctor. You will be able to treat Skin Allergies or Anxiety with this drug only when you take the right medicine.

Follow Instructions

The dosage of the drug has to be strictly followed according to the prescription given to you.

  • Take the medicine as advised by Doctor

You may have to take the medicine twice or sometimes thrice, based on the severity of the condition. But make sure that you have a fixed time for taking the drugs.

  • Take medicine daily

 If you do not take it every day at the same time, it may take longer to show the best effect.

  • Use pills as it is

The whole tablet has to be swallowed, without breaking or chewing them. 


  • Whenever you buy Atarax 25 mg, the right storage is important. If you are not storing the drug at the right temperature, the drug will not work well. The results may vary if the drug is not stored at the right temperature.
  •  You can store the medicine at room temperature or a temperature that is below 25 degrees C.
  • Moisture, direct sunlight, heat, and too-low temperature are not good for storing the medication.
  • Always leave them in the original packing if you are not using the drug. 


This drug Atarax 25 mg is the best medication for skin allergies. But when you do not use it as per the requirement or prescription by the experts, you may have to face certain reactions. So, there are some precautions that you need to take while using this drug. They include:

  • You should never consume alcohol. It will make the brain too calm or will make you too drowsy. 
  • Immediately after taking these pills, you should avoid driving. Operating any heavy machinery can also be a problem. 
  • Your complete medical history should be discussed with your physician. 
  • People who have kidney and liver problems should not use the drug. 
  • Do not use any over-the-counter or non-prescription medication. 
  • If you are allergic to any ingredients present in Atarax 25 mg, you should avoid taking this drug. 
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should never use this drug without informing their doctor. 
  • This drug is available in several different doses, but you will have to take only the dose that is right for you. 
  • Even if you miss a dose, you need to be cautious. You should never take two doses close to each other. 

Drug interaction with other medicine

Drug interactions are quite common with any drug. Even with Atarax 25 mgmany drugs interact. That means, when they are combined, you may have to face some adverse side effects. To avoid these adverse effects, one good thing that you can do is discuss your health issues with a medical expert. Along with the help concerns, it is also good to discuss all the medicines that you are using. That way, your doctor will help you in avoiding the medicines that are not suitable for you or the ones that may cause interactions. You should avoid using the below-mentioned drugs if you are using any antihistaminic drug:

  • Clozapine
  • Antihypertensives
  • Ketoconazole
  • Antibiotics (A few kinds)

Instead of remembering all these names, it is safe to ask your doctor about the drug interactions. You will be able to get the best suggestions. 

Side Effects of Atarax 25 mg (Hydroxyzine HCl)

Along with the drug interactions, side effects are also common for Atarax 25 mgBut the best part is they are very mild and seen during the first few uses of the drug. Once you start using or your body gets used to the drug, you will not have any major side effects. Also, the side effects last only for a few days and don’t need any special attention. 

  • Heart beating faster
  • Headache
  • Dry Mouth
  • Muscle pain
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Dizziness
  • Problem with breathing normally
  • Running nose
  • Shakiness of legs and hands

You don’t need any medicine for the treatment of these mild side effects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For how many days should I continue taking Atarax 25 mg?

The duration of the medicine course will be decided by the doctor based on the Skin Allergies. For anxiety, this drug is prescribed for a very short time.

 Is it good to use Atarax 25 mg before going to bed? 

This drug can be used anytime of the day or as prescribed by your health expert. There is no specific time for it.

Is Atarax a benzo/narcotic/pain killer/ steroid/ addictive?

This drug is not benzo/narcotic/pain killer/ steroid/ addictive it's antihistaminic. Follow the instructions before taking the medicine.

Does this medicine make one sleepy?

Yes since this is an antihistamine it can cause sedation and drowsiness. Confusion and drowsiness are seen in older patients mostly. 

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